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My name is Charmaine Davey and I am the caregiver at my cat rescue in New Haven, Michigan. The Kitty Kanteen Feral Cat and Kittten Rescue first appeared on Facebook in November 2012 , and now it has a following of almost 800 people, and continues to grow.  Although our facebook page is still in its infant stage, my dedication and passion for feeding and rescuing cats began at an early age.

At Kitty Kanteen we take care of a feral cat colony that varies in size from a dozen to as many as 15 or 16 cats and kittens. We feed, spay/neuter, and supply these cats with medical care when needed out of our own pockets and through the generousity of other cat lovers who graciously donate food and money for our cause.
Part of our service is to also socialize as many cats and kittens as possible so that they are then adoptable 

The Grable Report came into being because of a need to educate cat lovers on the various medical problems that cats can and do develop. We also add articles that would interest any cat lover! Furthermore, this page was also inspired by the medical issues that we encountered with one of our own cats that was a feral rescue name Grable. Because of the serious medical issues that Grable was experiencing when we first rescued him, along with his incredible ability to overcome these issues further inspired us to try to educate others about the various diseases, ailments and possible treatments that are available to combat and correct these same, along with various other health issues.

Our blog is lovingly named for and dedicated to our now domestic and totally healthy 3 year old feline Grable!

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